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Birmingham HIAB Hire Services

Transportation Services
Health & Safety
Every operation carried out at Birmingham HIAB services is carefully evaluated, we have dedicated health and safety personnel who advise and guide every aspect of our operations. A full detailed risk assessment, method statement and lift plans are carried out when necessary. We never compromise the safety of our clients, client’s goods and the public at large.

HIAB Movement and Setup
Using our HIAB vehicles, we deliver valuable equipment and materials for our clients to any destination of their choice. With safety as our first priority, at Birmingham HIAB hire services we successfully deliver your goods and provide you with a full setup service. The HIAB movement and setup services we offer include; lifting, moving and transportation to placement and positioning.

Crane Hire
We offer our HIAB lorry mounted cranes for hire at an affordable rate, in addition to that, we also have cranage of 100 tonnes capacity. At Birmingham HIAB services we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out any lifting task from individual lift to multi lifts. To improve safety, our HIAB cranes are operated by a remote control.

We have the knowledge and skills to successfully organise any event within the stipulated time. At Birmingham HIAB hire services, we can help to plan your event and deliver high quality facilities which are required for the event. We work with event organisers to ensure their equipment is delivered on time.

Storage and distribution
At Birmingham HIAB hire services, we have a storage facility where you can store your materials for short term or long term or individual, large or commercial. It is secured with a CCTV all round and 24 hr security. It is based in a secure site at our headquarters, we can move your material out of the storage whenever you want and deliver them on site.

Contract Haulage
At Birmingham HIAB hire services, we offer haulage contracts to both private and public sectors, and we also provide transportation services to businesses, private individuals, industrial clients and government bodies. Site managers do not have to worry about the delivery of their materials because we offer this service at just the right time to provide practical solutions to their problem.

Heavy Haulage
At Birmingham HIAB hire services, we have escort vehicles which specialise in making sure the transit time for your material is reduced. We have vehicles which carry heavy loads. Heavy load weighs more than 44,000 kilograms. We have got you covered if you want to transport heavy loads, including machinery to portable buildings and containers.

Wide Loads
We have Exemption Notices to transport Wide loads all over the United Kingdom. Wide loads are estimated to be more than 2.9 metres. We work with security authorities like the Police to plan on safe routes for transportation of your material and we are given our own escort vehicles for safety.

Long Loads
Birmingham HIAB hire services offer professional transport services for long loads, we have transported long loads for clients with the help of the local police escort vehicles. Long loads are usually estimated to have a rigid length of more than 18.65 metres. We are experts in the movement and transportation of abnormal loads including long loads.

Container Transport
We offer transport services for containers, we do all the dismantling, lifting, moving and transportation to installation and re-assembly of portable cabins and modular buildings nationwide. Our company have been in the business of moving, refurbishing and management of relocatable buildings for over 20 years. We have HIAB vehicles which are long enough to transport the containers.

Local Birmingham Services
Birmingham HIAB hire services offer local delivery of equipment and materials. Where ever your location and destination are, we can transport and deliver your goods safely, on time and at affordable rates. Whichever mainland transportation service you need, we deliver.

UK Nationwide Services
We offer Nationwide deliveries and HIAB Hire throughout Scotland, Wales and England. We have wide load, long load and abnormal load exemption notices which cover the entire United Kingdom. Birmingham HIAB hire service is always pleased to offer our services at affordable prices no matter how small or big the task is or its location or the destination.

Abnormal Loads
We are the experts in moving abnormal loads, we make use of HIAB cranes to make the work easy. We have abnormal load exemption notice from the local police and we have planned with them to be able to safely transport your goods. Starting from collection, lifting, the route to arrival at the destination and positioning have all been planned with the local authorities.

Hire Slinger Banksman, Crane Operators, Crane Supervisors, Appointed Persons
Birmingham HIAB hire services provide you with skilled operators for every task, we have a Slinger Banksman, Crane Operators, Appointed Persons. Every operation process that will hamper you with responsibilities can be handled by our skill operators. Each operator has his speciality therefore we have got your covered for every skill and technical knowhow required to complete a task.

Plant Movement
Our HIAB care used to move all our clients’ goods including Plant machinery. We can load the plant machinery from the first site and unload and position once it has been delivered to the new site. The HIAB vehicles we use to transport plant machinery have the ability to lift the load without needing the help of an additional vehicle.

Our Tyre company offers the most responsive support to individuals and companies in the commercial sector. The Tyres service was first established for just the servicing of our fleet tyres. It has quickly become one of the most competitive and responsive consumer tyre and wheel services available. Our teams who replace and repair tyres operate around the clock for both large and small plants. We also do on site Tyres repairs for all commercial vehicles on the roadside.

Portable Cabins for Sale
We have Refurbished cabins, Site office, Canteen and Welfare units for sale. They are designed with a complete electric heating and lighting. We also buy containers and cabins and pay you cash. No matter the location, we will purchase your old or new portable cabins and containers, dependant on condition.

HIAB Haulage
Birmingham HIAB hire services offer HIAB haulage which specialise in transporting heavy loads across the UK. Our HIABs are big enough to carry any goods and we have our own escort vehicles, which ensures the transit time is reduced compared to other hauliers. We can also provide cranage up to 100 tonnes capacity in addition to our HIAB fleet.

Palletised Plant movement
We offer services for movement of portable plants. Our HIAB uses a crane to load this plants onto the HIAB lorry and afterwards off loads the Plant once it is delivered. Items like this are handle with care by our transport team.

Machinery Transport
Birmingham HIAB hire services also offer transportation services for heavy machinery. Our transportation fleet is big enough to fit these machines. Over the years we have transported heavy machines for industrial sectors. Items like steel wares, rail way equipment, drilling machines and other heavy machines can be transported using our HIAB. Your goods safety and that of the general public is important to us, that is why we make sure every safety precaution is adhere to during and after transportation of your goods.

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Portable Cabins For Sale

Portable Cabins For Sale

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We are committed to providing our customers with a high quality service, we have earned a good reputation within engineering, general haulage and construction companies. This good reputation enables us to establish a strong client base with a lot of construction and plant hire companies.

We have an experienced team who are trained and certified to assess each job and give advice on which equipment is most suitable for your requirements. We have highly experienced driver-operators which ensure a professional service is delivered at all times to any destination in the UK.

It is our policy to invest in the newest units and innovations so that we can continue to offer the best HIAB hire services in the UK.

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Transportation Services

We offer different transportation services, the areas where we specialise include lifting and transporting boats, containers, vehicles, signage, portable cabins, construction materials and plant machinery, as well as pallets, plant and agricultural equipment.

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